Our focus is in the agriculture sector. An area crucial for economic development and growth in Africa and poised for significant expansion over the next decades. 




Our focus is within the agriculture sector and we remain focused on long-term value, with a 

particular emphasis on transforming communities, reduce hunger and improve lives in Africa.

The agricultural sector accounts for around 32 % of GDP (UN) in Africa and is the main driver  of growth.

The sector is also labour intensive, generating much needed employment especially among women

and young  people.

The potential in the African agriculture sector is unparalleled and one way to unlock

its potential to drive economic growth is by increasing trade and exports of agro-based products to

strong and well-established markets like the European Union and other international markets.


Why Africa? 

Africa is experiencing an economic renaissance and is currently – and projected to remain – one of the

 fastest growing regions in the world. More than half of global population growth now and 2050  is

expected to occur in Africa. These demographic forces will lead to some  of the highest growth

economies in the world. Agriculture is the most important  contributor to  economic growth in the

region and  is poised for significant expansion over the next decades.

We are committed to being part of the transformation of Africa’s dynamic, by

contributing in the trading of essential products from Africa to the world.

Working on strong trade relation and retaining a strong presence in Africa will remain a top priority for our group.